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Des Moines Coffee shops

But first… coffee!

If you’ve met with us to discuss real estate, life, kids, or anything really, you probably know that we love our coffees and teas.  One of the questions we get from clients who are moving to this area, or to a new part of town is where should they go for coffee / tea?  Here’s our handy cheat sheet to local coffee / tea shops all over town.  And by the way, we’ve written / reviewed offers at a lot of these…. Where can we do the same for you? 

Simply put your address in the address bar below  (or will be) and check out the closest ☕ coffee / tea recommendation.  If we’ve noted the owner name, feel free to say hi and let them know we sent you.  Happy drinking!

Have one we missed?  Let us know! 

Enter an address or zip code and click the find locations button.

Overall Notes:

  • Some companies have multiple locations; we’re just listing our most frequently visited location.
  • No business paid to be on this list.
  • We avoided including the larger chains: Starbucks, Caribou, and Scooter’s. There’s nothing wrong with these places, but we wanted to highlight the local businesses.
  • We have no scientific knowledge of what makes a good coffee bean or tea leaf, just personal opinions.