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Meet Jeannie Crosby

The Home Sweet Des Moines Team is shifting and changing this year.

Jeannie Crosby who has been our “behind the curtain/marketing guru” is shifting gears into the added role of Realtor for our team.  Jeannie has been working with Nora for over 4 years now and has a rich background in creative marketing services as a graphic designer, home stager, and online marketer.    She has a natural fit to work with homeowners looking to sell and get ready to go to market, but also as a trusted adviser as she helps new clients see the potential of a home and navigate the waters of homeownership. She aims to be a listening ear in time of need and a ready hand to act with times to hustle.

A little bit about Jeannie.

She was born and raised in the St Louis area and now calls Des Moines home. Summer is her favorite time of year, although she enjoys all the seasons in between and knows there is a time for everything.   Having moved her own family several times, she is very familiar with the “move process” and has great patience, and never backs down from rolling up her sleeves and getting jobs done.  She loves working with both young and aged and can be found volunteering for both the children’s programs and senior caregiving support ministries at her church and in the community.

Please join us in welcoming Jeannie into this new role.  If you would like to follow her on Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram, click on the links.