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Tips for selling a home in Des Moines this Fall

Should I sell my house in the fall?

Are you questioning whether it’s time to sell your home, even though school is starting soon and it’s getting close to fall?  Don’t worry – fall is a GREAT time to list your house for sale.

(Serious) Buyers are Back!

August is typically busy in Des Moines, what with the State Fair (Aug 9-19 this year) and school starting (Aug 23 this year).  On top of that, buyers are rushing around to finish up their final vacations, and it may be hard to get their attention.

But after Labor Day, buyers are BACK in the mindset to get into a new house.  Serious buyers will want to be in their new home by the holidays, which means they are looking in September.

Another plus?  The buyers that are looking are serious buyers. They are not just “kicking tires”; they have a need for a new home, and hopefully, a timeline.  This will enable you to have fewer showings, but a higher quality of showings.

Less Competition

Because spring is seen as “the right time to sell”, fewer houses are actually on the market.  This allows your home to shine through for those serious buyers.

In addition, buyers know that they will have less competition from other buyers.  This means that they will be less likely to bid up the price of a house and then to back out.

Home for the holidays

If you sell early enough in the fall, you could be nicely situated in your new home in time for the holidays (and before winter weather hits!). Moving during a calmer time of year also means you may have better access to movers and other necessary resources than during the busier spring and summer seasons.

Great deals on stuff to fix up your home

Coordinate the timing right, and those items you need to fix up your home for sale in the fall or update and upgrade after a purchase might be priced to your advantage. As the seasons change the inventory and the push to get new items on the shelf.  You could score some great deals at this time of year.

I’m selling this fall; now what do I do?

OK, Nora, you’ve convinced me,” you’re saying.  Now what are your next steps?

Get a “home tune up”

You may need to do some cleanup for fall.  This includes cleaning leaves and ensuring the yard looks picture perfect, putting out some fall flowers (mums are a popular choice), and washing windows and doors.  However, don’t forget the mechanicals.  Now that you may be starting up your furnace, this can be a good time to get an HVAC check, or even a full pre-listing inspection.

Make your house shine!

Decorating for fall is completely different than decorating for summer.  It’s darker earlier, so you’ll want to make sure you have soft lighting throughout the house.  Also, focus on the cozier aspects of your home; add some comfortable afghans and pillows, set out some fall/winter flowers, and set the table.

If you normally decorate for the holidays, you may still be able to do so.  However, this is the time to bring out your sophisticated holiday decorations, not necessarily your family memories.  You’ll want to make sure your house is still the focal point, not your decorations.

Looking to sell this fall?  Contact me today, so we can talk about how best to set up your home to sell fast.  I have a stager on staff who can get your house ready to go as well!