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Thank You Dad

Note from Nora:

Last week, I unexpectedly spent time in Texas with my dad.  As our parents age, we all step in to help.  This time was such a gift.  Between figuring things out for the future, Dad and I spent hours just chatting and catching up on lives, opinions, and everything in between.  And, he’s going to be just fine.  For years to come, I will look back on the past week as a peaceful interlude in a chaotic world, an opportunity to really know my Dad as a person, not just as a father.

So for Father’s Day, try to do the same.  Spend some time with your Dad.  And if not your dad, any similar figure in your life will do.  Trust me when I say, you’ll get as much out of the time as they will.

Here are some simple things you can do to appreciate Dad, especially here in the Des Moines metro area.

Geek Out with Dad:

If your dad is a geek, spend some time watching the Star Wars movies, superhero movies, or the Mandalorian.  Maybe you’ll finally understand the quotes he’s been tossing out for years about doing and trying.  

Go Fishing:

Relax outside and enjoy the peace and patience that comes with fishing.  Try some local fishing spots:

Work on a Puzzle or Build Something Together

Legos, planter box, assemble a new barbeque pit.  Working together gives everyone something to problem solve, discuss and conquer. Drag out a few simple tools, and let the project begin. It can be simple too like painting an outdoor bench or cardboard amazon box.  Time together is where it is at.

A great local resource is Artfull at Valley West mall.  We recommend the Magnote puzzles or the casting kits.

Get Outside Together – Go for a hike, walk or ride together – Parks and trails remain open during the COVID-19 health crisis.  Find less populated locations and maintain proper social distancing.  Check out:

And Don’t Forget…

Whatever you do for Father’s Day, you can also do this every day with your Dad.  Our parents and parent-like people are our cheerleaders for life; don’t forget to cheer back every day.

Sending virtual hugs to you all!