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Budget-Conscious Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

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Dog owners are forgiving people. They love their pets so much they’re willing to put up with dog slobber, fur on the furniture, and the occasional urine stain on the carpet. And while they might not notice the smell anymore, friends, family and neighbors can certainly tell it’s there. Fortunately, it’s possible to live in harmony with your pooch and keep the evidence of his presence under control without spending a lot of money. The real estate team at Home Sweet Des Moines explains how with the following tips:

Fur Control

If your pet sheds a lot, controlling fur is a full-time job. Of course, you’ll need a capable vacuum cleaner, and many pet owners find that robot vacuums work well. Investing in a few lint rollers, a doggie brush, and a pet hair grooming glove will also help you stay ahead of the cleaning game. One of the best ways to manage fur and hair is to keep him well-groomed. A thorough brushing on the back porch at least once a week will help keep the fur situation under control.

Cat Cleaning

If you own a cat as well as a dog, you’ll need to work twice as hard to keep your house in good shape. Like dogs, cats do their fair share of shedding, so stand by with those lint rollers. Of course, cats go to the bathroom indoors, which leaves behind an unpleasant smell. The self-cleaning litter box is a leap forward in cat hygiene technology, while automatic feeders keep the floor around your kitty’s dining space free of spilled and scattered food. Be sure to read product reviews and consumer recommendations before buying.

Hound Hygiene

Keeping your canine clean is good for his skin and fur; it’s also good for your home environment. The good news is that Rover doesn’t need a bath every Saturday night to stay fresh and clean. A bath once a month is good for his hygiene and your health. Bathing helps keep the dead hair off furniture and clothing and keeps that distinctive doggie odor from permeating everywhere. Of course, you can pay a lot for fancy grooming products. You can also achieve the same goal by making your own dog shampoo with nothing but a cup of white vinegar, a cup of baby shampoo, or non-toxic dish soap and a quart of water.

Natural Cleaning Substances

Most dog owners can probably point out at least one stubborn stain they just couldn’t get out of the carpet. A lot of stains can be eliminated with natural cleaning substances you can probably find in your kitchen or bathroom cabinets. According to, good old baking soda, mixed with warm water, makes an effective abrasive cleaning mixture that works on a variety of surfaces, from carpet to tile and grout. Utilize the cleaning power of citrus by combining lemon juice and water. You can do likewise with white vinegar, which will clean everything from soiled clothing to wallpaper. For tough carpet stains, you can use carpet cleaners with added enzymes and quality ingredients to neutralize any odors.

Repairing Furniture Damage

If your furniture has pet stains that are too tough to tackle, a good way to address this issue is by reupholstering the pieces. This is a more budget-friendly solution than investing in new furniture. A furniture reupholstery service can breathe new life into the pieces with materials of your choosing. It’s best to educate yourself on costs before making any decisions to help you budget wisely. Overall, furniture reupholstery costs $652 on average, and it can be higher or lower depending on the size (a couch will cost more than a dining chair, for example) and material (the softer the material, the more costly the service will be). Visit a website like Angi to find top-rated services in your area. Once you’ve narrowed down the options, you should find out whether the companies are licensed and insured and check for clear price estimates to help you decide which company to hire.

Toenail Scratches

Keeping your pet’s nails trimmed will go a long way toward preventing scratch marks from showing up on hardwood flooring and baseboards. But when there are scratch marks, use a wood-filler pen to fill them in. For hardwood flooring, steel wool, mineral spirits, wood filler, and some polyurethane will do the trick.

Odor Eaters

When it comes to odor control, inexpensive natural solutions are often the best. A few charcoal briquettes, strategically placed near your dog’s favorite hangouts will absorb odors right out of the air (avoid gas-soaked briquettes, though). Coffee grounds, laid out in small bowls, will perform much the same function and leave behind a pleasing smell of their own. Just be sure these items are left out of your pup’s reach.

Maximizing the cleaning capacities of natural and budget-friendly materials can help keep the expense of dog ownership under control. That’s a very good thing when you consider the cost of feeding and caring for a dog. Fortunately, it’s easy to be a budget-conscious homeowner and conscientious dog owner at the same time.

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