Grimes is located on the northwest side of Greater Des Moines area. It offers the amenities of city living while maintaining all the advantages of a small hometown. Convenient to highways, businesses, it is perfect place for active people to live. Here are some highlights:

Sports and Recreation

Find all there is about sports at the Grimes Community Complex. Including summer Rec Program and numerous  community programs. There is something for everyone.

  • There are 2 Sports Parks located on the north and south end of the city which includes a skate park, soccer fields, and baseball fields.

Indoor and Outdoor Activities


The Grimes Public Library is a place to connect with the community in person and online. It is located inside of the Grimes Community Complex located on Main Street.

Business and Economic Development

Grimes is a growing community that has proven to be a destination for individuals and families just seeking a growing progressive community that provides all the tools that give the best chance for a lifetime of opportunity, both professionally and privately.

  • The Chamber of Commerce includes hundreds of local businesses and organizations, who provide a variety of services, jobs, and valuable tax base for the community.
  • There is a YP Grimes, young professionals group, created to allow a local opportunity for networking with one another for their own personal development and community development.


Grimes partners with Dallas Center to form the Dallas Center-Grimes Community School District which brings students from both Polk and Dallas County.

  • The high school (grades 10 through 12)
  • Meadows (grades 8 and 9) form a campus located outside Grimes
  • Middle school (grades 6 and 7) in Dallas Center
  • 4 elementary schools all in Grimes.
  • Portions of the community are also served by the Johnston Community School District. Primarily areas on the east side of Iowa Highway 141/Grimes Boulevard.

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