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How to Spring Clean & Declutter in Des Moines

If you are planning to sell your home, make a move, or just get ready for some spring cleaning, you first need to declutter.   Cleaning can pay off hugely when you go to sell your home.  In fact, if you want a higher return for your home, Consumer Reports estates that decluttering can increase your home’s price by 3-5%. 

Need another reason to get going?  Let’s clear those winter blues away with getting your house in order, call it “cleaning therapy”.  Decluttering clears more than space in your house; it clears up your mind and life. It takes a lot of energy to manage all those items and this is a way to get a fresh start for the spring. Thus spring cleaning is good for you financially and personally.

So how do you start and where does one go with with all that stuff here in Des Moines.

Where to Start the Decluttering Process

To declutter your home, I recommend getting several rolls of large heavy-duty garbage bags and three large bins marked “keep,” “sell,” and “donate”.  Work one room at a time. Start with small rooms to get some momentum, then work your way up to bigger spaces. As you prep your home for sale, make sure to get your personal items out of sight and toss them into the bags, donate them and put them in a storage until you can move them to your next home.

Once you have those boxes or piles created, look at this helpful list of places to go with all that stuff in Des Moines.

The Donate Pile

There are a lot of great places in the Des Moines area that will accept your donations if the items are gently used, not broken or covered in pet hair. You can also check with local churches and charities.  They may have additional programs that can benefit.   All these places have drop off centers.   Some places will even provide pickup services; call or check online.

The Sell Pile

So, you have some items that you need to get some money back on your investment, whether it is clothing, décor or furniture.   Des Moines has some great stores that sell on consignment.  Almost all require a review your items and take a portion of the proceeds. Each store varies, so be sure to ask for all the details.  Here are a few such stores to check out:

You can also take charge and sell directly to the consumer.  The good old-fashioned garage sale is a great way to sell almost anything but organizing it can be another big task you have to tackle.  Some neighborhoods have annual garage sales, and you may have more luck joining these.

For select pieces, many have success with Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist or using the Let Go app.

The Trash Pile 

You can do your best to get your trash items in the regular trash system for your home, but if you find yourself with large or more than will fit here are some good options in the Des Moines metro area.

This is also a list from Metro Waste here in Des Moines. .  Most cities will provide bulk pick ups and curbside days a couple days of the year.

Hopefully you have some resources and locations in mind as you look for the best place to store, donate, sell and trash your clutter.

If after all the cleaning and decluttering you think it best to do some renovation, check out this guide to stay on budget.

Best wishes for a happy and clean home.

Shared by Jeannie Crosby, Nora’s Magic Behind the Curtain Gal & Owner of Make It Sell Designs, LLC. – Des Moines Home Stager