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Fall Maintenance

Summer months are finishing up, so this is the perfect season to get our homes ready for the cooler weather in our future.  Contractors and service industries are busier than ever; be proactive by making appointments ahead of time and take on some of the DIY maintenance projects.  Call this maintenance therapy; you’ll rest better during the winter months when you can snuggle in.  You might even be that much more prepared for spring, too.

Here is our top list of activities recommended by experienced homeowners. Happy Fall y’all!

Garage Maintenance

  • Clean out the garage: Declutter summer items that need to be packed up and organized. You will want the extra space for the car because no one likes to scrape frost from the windows.  Store any seasonal furniture, outdoor toys and bikes that will not be used in winter months.
  • Prep any snow removal equipment. Start the snow blower, schedule a tune up and move snow shovels to a convenient spot. Fill up gas tank for snow blower or generator.
  • Make sure to have some icy melt/salt/sand, window washer solution, antifreeze and fuel additives ready for cars. It’s better to have it ready ahead of time.

Interior Maintenance

  • Schedule a furnace check and replace the air filter. It is also good to turn the furnace on and off to make sure that it is engaging and running.  Here is a list of our vendors to schedule maintenance:  Don’t forget to ask for fall specials and discounts!
  • Change out batteries in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide devices to make sure they operate properly.
  • Flip the fan switch – you want fans blowing air up for the winter months, to circulate the warm air around. This is super helpful in rooms with high ceilings!
  • Fireplace readiness: If you have a wood burning fireplace, a good chimney cleaning will insure you are safe and ready for those cozy fireside nights. Also, take the time to stock the woodpile.  Move and cover the wood so that it is ready to go.
  • Spray for bugs. Make a point of having the house sprayed inside and out for insects. No need to take on any unwelcomed tenants. They like to move indoors as the temperatures drop.  Here is a list of our pest control vendors:

Exterior Maintenance

  • Store away garden hoses and have sprinklers /irrigation systems cleaned out and shut down for the winter. Check our list of professionals:
  • If you want springtime tulips, now is the time to plant spring bulbs! Clean out flowerpots and flowers beds with the last of the dried-out summer flowers. If you want some fall flowers or mums, Sept 15 is a good date to get them in; otherwise they will bloom too soon, and not hold color for the fall.
  • After the last yearly mowing, drain the gas tank and wipe down and store. Rake the leaves or mulch the leaves for flower beds.
  • Organize garden shed or pack up outdoor patio furniture or secure for weather. Store any garden equipment and tools away and move winter tools like snow shovels and salt to the front for easy access. Make sure there are no liquids, paints or stains that could freeze left inside.
  • Cut back scrubs and trees and give the lawn a good fertilization, aerate and seed. Grass grows well in the cool fall and establishes itself for the next year. Be proactive for a great lawn.  As always, a little planning ahead makes a great start to spring.
  • Clean out gutters and check all down spouts for blockages. Check sliding doors and windows to see if there are any leaks or issues that are better to address when the weather is agreeable rather than when it gets cold. These services get much more difficult and problematic once winter starts.

We hope this helps!  As always, you can contact us with questions: if we don’t know the answers, we will find out who does!