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Holiday Traditions from Des Moines Area Friends and Family

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa (or all of them, or none of the above!), this time of year can be magical.  If you’re celebrating with kids, furbabies, in-laws, and/or friends, you’ll want to check out the list of holiday traditions we gathered from our team, clients, and friends below:


  • “Helping my daughter build her Christmas village each year and adding a new building or accessory each season.” – Dave C.


  • “Hiding a pickle in the Christmas tree. The Christmas pickle is an old German tradition.  The person who finds the pickle opens the first present on Christmas.” – Atalie F.


  • “Game night with family and friends all around.” – Tawnia M.


  • “I love going to lunch with girlfriends the Sunday before Christmas, catching up on each others’ lives. We always exchange our favorite small things for the year.  One year it was a $2 wine cork.  The expectations for gifts are small, and the best part is getting together with some dear friends.” – Jeannie C.


  • “Decorating the house and trees on the Friday after Thanksgiving” – Travis M.



  • “Advent and Christmas church services with both family and church members. Listening to the children choirs and music that gives us hope and joy.” – Carlton N.


  • “Watching ‘Christmas Vacation’ with my family and then comparing the characters with people in our own family. It gets quoted all the time in our house.” – Mike C.


  • “Every December, my daughter and I take bags of sugar, sprinkles, and flour and make about 600 treats to share with our friends and neighbors. We make fudge, peanut butter thumbprints, white chocolate cranberry cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, and scotcheroos.  It takes several days to make the treats, and several more to clean up, but we look forward to it every year!” – Nora C.


If you try any of these traditions, let us know!  May you and yours have a fabulous and blessed holiday season and new year.  See you in 2019!