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During the holidays it can be stressful and sometimes depressing. Here are some tips to stay sane and mindful

Stay Sane and Mindful this Holiday Season

The holidays are here!  Because we often have grand expectations of the people we will see and the things we will do, it is very easy to stumble through the holidays and new year with stress and disappointment.    Put some mindfulness into your holiday season with these tips:

  1. Go Gently with Family: Whether you love them, can’t stand them, or land somewhere in between, go gently.  Relish the tender moments, go into events with extra patience and don’t put too much weight on past events.  Extra grace required!
  2. Be Real: Let go of grand expectations when it comes to special events and gatherings. Things don’t always happen perfectly; when things go a little sideways, those are the memories you’ll have for years to come. For example: Nora still remembers the year her cookie cake was a little “overcooked”.
  3. Stay Present: Don’t obsess on the past, whether it be the bumpy morning, the events of the past year, or the craziness of work. Equally, don’t obsess on the future, whether it be your to-do list, looming deadlines, or bills. Stop from time to time to think of the experience right now and BREATHE.
  4. Count your Blessings: It’s so easy to compare yourself to others on social media or around you during this season. Stop! Appreciate what you have, and look at the little things for inspiration: quiet mornings, kids glowing with joy and serene snowy landscapes are some of our favorites.
  5. Be Good to Yourself: Book some time right now for “YOU time”. Naps, baths, manicures, coffee alone. Get whatever you need.

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