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Can you believe it’s just about 2024?

Can you believe it’s just about 2024? We can’t! I know I’m not alone in saying that 2023 has flown

As you spend time with family and friends or take a well-deserved break, are you thinking about
what changes you want to make in your life in 2024? I know I am. Like so many others, those goals
include items like:

 Getting healthier
 Being more organized
 Doing all the bucket list items in 2024
 Being present, spending less time on social media

And so on, and so on.

Many people also decide in January that it’s time to make a change in where they live, whether that
includes downsizing, buying a bigger home, buying a first home, etc.

If that’s on your 2024 list, it’s also time to get your finances in order.

If your goal is to buy a house, and you want or need to borrow money to do so, let me add a specific
New Year’s resolution to your list:

It is time to start talking to mortgage lenders.
Ok, I know what you are thinking:

 “But I’m not looking to buy till next summer at the earliest.”
 “But I know my credit and income are great.”
 “But I need to save more money before I can even think about it.
 “But I know I need to improve my credit score.”
 “But I don’t want to apply and ding my credit yet.”

Yes, I get it. Truly.

And yet, if buying a home with a mortgage is on your 2024 plan, I strongly encourage you to talk to
mortgage lenders.

Now, that process is daunting. They are going to ask you for actual numbers, even if you’re not
ready to apply for a loan. They are going to want information that you may not have or may not want
to share yet.

Why? Because they, like us, want to give you the most reliable information possible, specifically

 What can you do RIGHT NOW to put yourself in the best financial position for whenever you
are ready to buy?
 What are your options regarding mortgages?
 What budget should you be considering?

Even if you’re not ready to buy right now, or even to put in a full application, you may have the
choice with certain lenders to do a soft credit pull, which could minimize impact to that all-important
credit score.

And if you do want to buy in the spring of 2024? It is definitely time to apply for the mortgage. If
you’re serious about buying, any lender that is serious about assisting will require that you apply,
typically through their website.

Why do lenders require a full application before giving you numbers? Again, because they want to
give you the most reliable information possible. This also allows them to run your numbers through
their systems and generate a pre-approval letter (not just a pre-qualification letter), as well as set
some assumptions in place around property taxes, homeowners insurance, HOA dues, etc.

Ultimately, what it really does is help both the lender and your REALTOR® (hopefully us of course)
serve YOU better.

So, don’t just hope and pray for a house later in 2024. Let’s work together to start making it happen.

Need some lender recommendations? Our favorite lenders are here (and, by the way, they can’t pay
to be on this list): .

Want to talk through your situation a bit more first? Contact us! We’re always happy to chat.
 Nora Crosthwaite, [email protected], 515-783-9815
 Jessica Shanley, [email protected], 515-707-5750
 Narda Strom, [email protected], 515-416-3400

Thanks for joining us on this year’s journey. Jessica, Narda, and I wish you all a wonderful holiday
season filled with life, love, laughter, and gratitude.

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